Diane Tomacelli, RN, BSN, CLNC
Senior Healthcare Leader & Consultant

Clinical Leadership Transformation, Process Improvement, Physician Liaison, IT


  • Highly respected senior healthcare leader with expertise in Nursing leadership, Professional standards, Regulatory guidelines, clinical transformation, physician relations, process improvement, clinical IT, standards of care, and training.
  • Inspires department cohesiveness to exceed goals and expectations.
  • Mentors clinicians for enhancing practice levels and career development
  • Exceptional communicator utilizing all appropriate avenues to reach and influence all audiences
  • Repeated success with enhancing patient care outcomes and throughput
  • Repeated success with improving efficiencies and productivity
  • Strategic planning development and outlining

Exceptional leader that focuses on improving patient care outcomes while improving the skills and experience for all clinicians and ancillary staff. Champions process improvement that is practical and efficient. Believes every role in healthcare is important to the overall success. Applies innovative solutions with a collaborative methodology.


Core Areas of Expertise

Consulting for healthcare and Legal Nurse Consulting: 30-year RN, BSN with expertise and practical knowledge in nursing. Extensive experience working with physician adoption of change. Experience collaborating with executive leadership, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, PT, OT, ST, case management, quality improvement, nutrition services, for inpatient and outpatient services. Specific areas of accomplishment include:

  • Strong knowledge of clinical operations from small standalone facilities to very large corporations, including all aspects of operations, i.e. budgeting, expense/revenue, supply/equipment management, medical staff, nursing, therapists, and all clinical staff, and resourcing
  • Advises CEOs on clinical matters, policies, procedures, and processes for standards of care.
  • Works with CMOs and CMIOs on clinical standards.
    Partners with CFOs on charging and revenue opportunities during clinical transformation projects.
  • Educates attorney clients on standards of care within health care and identified differences between what care patient received versus accepted standard of care.
  • Review of records for lawyers and insurance companies, as well as forensic review of records.

Leadership: Leads by example with a strong emphasis on integrity and growth. Inspires colleagues and staff to augment their skills and experience through mentoring and networking. Encourages innovation in front line staff to improve processes and outcomes. Educates on standards of care, regulatory guidelines and quality improvement initiatives.

Physician and Nursing relations: Launches successful campaigns for physician adoption of evidence based practice. Elevates nursing practice through evidence based practice and enhanced collaboration with all disciplines. Joins forces with all disciplines for interdepartmental growth.

Clinical operations: Encourages interdepartmental cooperation and collaboration to reach corporation strategic goals and budgets. Maintains operability through continual assessment and process improvement and thinking outside the box.

Clinical IT: Leader for multiple clinical transformation IT projects for individual facilities, large facilities and corporate organizations. Able to bridge the gap between clinicians and IT and software to design and develop optimal work and process flows for enhancing clinical decision making and patient outcomes.

Project Management: Successful in all aspects of project management of large clinical transformation projects with emphasis on the following.

  • Leads strategic committees and leaders through key milestones and measurable return on investment for projects, producing project plans, timelines, and scope documents
  • Leads integrated committees for standardization of practice and enhancement of clinical practice with proven methodology and utilization of professional standards
  • Defines and designs compliance with state and federal regulatory bodies
  • Provides system design to work within scope of professional practice for all clinical areas, i.e. development of integration between systems, development of key workflow processes, and primary contact for multiple vendors for site projects.
  • Project leadership for planning, design, implementation, review and optimization
    Project mentoring and leadership by teaching clients to review medical records to extract data needed for governmental reviews, i.e. Quality measures and Meaningful Use.
  • Provides education to all areas of clinical specialties, i.e. providers, nursing, Therapies, OP services, EDM, and specialty units.

Military: Officer in the US Army during Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia, 410th Evacuation hospital. Awarded Army Commendation Medal.

Professional Employment Highlights

Consulting Career

  • Navin Haffty And Associates September 2010 to Present
    • Senior Clinical Consultant
  • Tomacelli’s Nurse Consulting October 2002 to Present
    • Working Consultant Owner
    • Legal Nurse Consulting
  • CTG Healthcare Solutions June 2006 to Dec 2010
    • Senior Consultant

Specific Hospital Nursing

  • Golden Valley Memorial Hospital, Clinton, MO March 2002 to June 2006
    • Clinical Analyst
    • Nurse Supervisor, Nurse Manager, ED, ICU, Surgical
  • Research Belton Hospital, Belton, MO December 1995 – Mar 2004
    • Nursing Supervisor, ED nurse, Cardiac rehab
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield, Portland, OR December 1994 – Sept 1995
    • Preauthorization and Utilization Review
  • Sisters of Providence, Portland, OR December 1994 – Sept 1995
    • IV Therapy Team
  • Providence Hospital, Kansas City, KS October 1993 – Sept 1994
    • ICU, neuro and cardiac
  • Humana Prime Health, Kansas City, MO March 1992 – October 1993
    • Development of Medical Assistant Incentive and recognition program
    • Development of policy and procedure manual
      Surgical Clinic Staff Nurse
  • Baptist Medical Center, Kansas City, MO October 1991 – March 1992
    • ICU Stepdown / Telemetry
  • 410th Evacuation Hospital July 1988 to 1992
    • Military Service
  • Luke’s Hospital May 1987 – October 1991
    • Ortho / trauma
    • Policies and procedures development
    • Initial nursing experience

Professional Affiliations

  • National Association of Legal Nurse Consultants
  • American Nurses’ Association
  • Missouri Nurses’ Association
  • Emergency Nurses’ Association
  • National Nurses in Business Association


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing focusing on managerial skills and research. Webster University, Kansas City, Missouri 1989
  • Certified Legal Nurse Consultant: Focused educational experience on legal issues and standards of care 2002
  • Military Officer training focusing on leadership, Officer Basic Training, San Antonio, Texas 1988
  • RN / Diploma at St. Luke’s School of Nursing, Kansas City, Missouri 1987
  • READY Certification for Meditech Healthcare Software


  • Army Commendation Medal, Desert Storm 1991
  • Employee of the Month, Golden Valley Memorial Hospital, June 2004
  • Educator of the Month, Golden Valley Memorial Hospital, November 2002