Tomacelli’s Nurse Consulting

Tomacelli’s Nurse Consulting is owned by Diane Tomacelli. She is a highly respected 33yr RN with her BSN. She has a passion for healthcare and the law and has combined those two passions into her legal nurse consulting business. Diane is a veteran of the United States Army where she served as a nurse during the gulf war. Diane is from a very large family and therefore has a desire to improve patient outcomes and the patient experience while supporting clinicians in their professional growth.

Diane began her nursing career following years of being inspired by her Mother. She wanted to fulfill her desire to help people and have a good understanding of healthcare. Diane worked her way up from a nursing assistant to a successful RN leader. She has worked in many departments of hospital and clinic nursing including some time with long term care and became a leader in all areas she worked. During that time, Diane focused on standards or care, policies and procedures, quality improvement and mentoring others.

Diane inspires team members and colleagues to reach for excellence and is highly respected by colleagues.
Tomacelli’s Nurse Consulting gave Diane a means of combing her successful nursing career with her passion for the law. She has an extensive network of clinicians to work with and cover all specialties. The consultants work to meet the needs of their clients through dedication, perseverance, integrity, and attention to detail.

Diane’s dedication has been inspired by the following quote:

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!
-Henry Ford